The Dodge Charger is No Slouch When it Comes to Performance

The new Dodge Charger lives up to its legacy in more than one way. With the power that you've come to expect from the Charger line. It's no surprise that the Charger line has always been a top pick for fans of performance sedans, and this model doesn't disappoint. While its design carries the signature aggressiveness of the Charger line, under the hood it's a lot more sophisticated than one would expect, with numerous precision-engineered performance features.

The Charger's electronic gear shifter provides a smooth, high-performance transfer between gears with almost no effort and short throws but still gives you visible, audible and tactile feedback. The Charger also features a specialized all-speed traction control system that vastly improves your performance when driving on slippery surfaces. It applies brake pressure selectively to prevent slipping, manages engine power, and works to hold traction even on the slipperiest surfaces.

If you'd like to know more, or if you just want to take the Dodge Charger for a test drive, then stop by our location today! Here at Fayetteville Dodge Ram, our service staff can help you schedule a test drive, or answer any questions you may have!
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