Safety Features Packed in the New Ram 1500

Visit Fayetteville Dodge Ram today and you'll be able to see the popular Ram 1500 on the lot. This light-duty pickup truck has a number of safety features to consider.

The Ram 1500 is able to identify when the driver is not paying attention and the vehicle begins drifting outside the lane line. If the car leaves the lane lines, the Lane-Keeping System will begin to send an alert so the steering wheel starts vibrating and giving the driver the opportunity to be able to correct before an accident is imminent.

The new Ram 1500 has the ability to make finding and parking your vehicle that much easier. Simply activate the Enhanced Active Park Assist system when you're ready to park, and the sensors scan the side of the road for the ideal space. Once found, you'll be prompted to brake and gas as the vehicle steers all by itself into that spot.



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