Reading Your Tire Sizing Code Is Easier Than You May Have Thought

Eventually we all need to replace our tires with a new set. When that time comes it is helpful to be able to read the sizing code on the tire's sidewall. If you have never seen how that code is broken down that can make it a bit intimidating to tackle though.

Fortunately, once you see how it does break down it becomes very easy to decipher. For example, a sizing code that reads P205/55R16 would translate to:
  • P - Passenger vehicle type tire
  • 205 - Tire width. This tire would be 205 millimeters wide.
  • 55 - Aspect ratio. The height of this particular tire would be 55% of its width.
  • R - Radial construction.
  • 16 - Wheel diameter. This tire would fit on a 16" wheel.
As you can now see, once you break the code down it becomes very easy to read. If you have any more questions about tire sizing feel free to ask one of the experts here at Fayetteville Dodge Ram.
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