Avoid The Rough Ride By Keeping Your Suspension In Tip Top Shape

Do you dread having to drive anywhere because you know that you're going to feel every bump and crack in the road? Your vehicle should not only be functional: it should also be comfortable. To ensure that your vehicle is both, regular maintenance of the suspension system is necessary.

Your vehicle's suspension system is comprised of many components. These include shocks, struts, tie-rods, ball joints, and bushings. As these components wear down and deteriorate, your vehicle's handling performance and ride comfort will diminish. To keep this from happening, it is necessary to examine the various parts of your suspension system regularly and have it serviced when it is called for.

We are fully equipped to diagnose and repair any suspension related issues that you may be experiencing. If you are having problems, do not hesitate to bring your vehicle in to get checked out. We are at Fayetteville Dodge Ram which is conveniently located in Fayetteville, NY.
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