Your Windshield Wiper Fluid Is More Important Than You Think

Windshield wiper fluid, blue water, is as important as any other fluid in your vehicle. Your wiper fluid plays a bigger role than most people would imagine. Wiper fluid serves to protect your vehicle’s windshield. The fluid is also a lubricant for other wiper parts. These include the hoses and the pump. Without fluid, there’s a danger that internal parts of the pump can corrode. The plastic parts can also degrade.

Without proper fluid levels, the system can stop working altogether. If you try to run the pump without adequate fluid, you’re placing extra stress on the pump. The pump will eventually fail, and you’ll end up with a replacement cost. Our dealership recommends that you keep your wiper fluid levels topped off for maximum visibility. Bring the vehicle in for an inspection. We can check your vehicle’s systems and recommend any repairs if needed. We want your vehicle to be safe for all seasons.
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