Look at a Few of These Ram ProMaster Durability Features

From time to time, the team at Fayetteville Dodge Ram like to focus some of the key features on the new vehicles that are rolling on to the lot. This week, our focus is on a few of the durability features that comes packed into the all-new Ram ProMaster cargo van.

The new Ram ProMaster comes with an antilock brake system that is going to help keep you and that cargo safer. When the driver presses the brakes in an emergency, rather than the van skidding to a complete stop, the braking system prevents wheels from locking up by distributing power equally throughout.

Another important durability feature in the new Ram ProMaster is a design that promotes increased driver visibility. Thanks to an enormous front windshield, shorter front end, and a raised driver seat, this higher vantage point allows you to be able to see further down the road to react when needed.



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