How Capable is the 2017 Ram 2500?

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With a maximum diesel towing capability of 17,980 pounds, the 2017 Ram 2500 has what it takes to take on your work and leisure activities. Are you thinking about pulling a trailer that you have? That isn’t a worry with the power that this heavy-duty truck has!

How is the 2017 Ram 2500 capable of towing this immense amount of weight? With the impressive amenities that the truck gets constructed with, it isn’t a wonder why the vehicle has the power it does. The five-link coil rear suspension assists in the reduction of friction throughout the entire system. This gives your truck the ability to turn smoothly, even while towing, and provide you with overall more confidence while driving your truck. In the front of the vehicle, there is a three-link front suspension that uses strong shocks and outward springs to give you and your passengers a comfortable ride. Even while hauling heavy loads, it is important to be sure the load is level. The Class-Exclusive Rear Auto-Level Air Suspension that’s available can do that! You simply push a button, and you can select from two modes of ride heights so you can have optimal alignment.

Above, are only a few of the elements that take the 2017 Ram 2500 and propel its capabilities to another level. To learn more about the heavy-duty truck, come explore other available features today at Fayetteville Dodge Ram!

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