The Dodge Challenger: A Step Above the Rest

You want a vehicle that looks like a step above everything else on the road, right? If this sounds pretty good, then you should take a look at the Dodge Challenger, a popular muscle car. It has a wide range of paint colors and stripes that will make your vehicle look better than everything else on the road, and you can customize it to your preferences.

There are 10 available paint colors in everything from White Knuckle to Pitch Black. Or if you like a little more color, why not go with the TorRed or Go Mango? You'll also…

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The Heavy-Duty Build of the 2018 Ram 3500

If you're going to be hauling or towing massive cargo, you're going to need a truck that can handle it all. The 2018 Ram 3500 is a popular heavy-duty pickup truck that's built with durability and power in mind.

The 3500 has an impressive payload of 7,350 pounds. It can accomplish this feat with the available diesel engine. Ram utilizes a 6.7-Liter I6 turbo diesel engine from Cummins. It can give you up to 410 horsepower and 930 pound-foot of torque. Ram also offers an optional tow package with a hitch that can carry upwards…

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Dodge Charger: Putting Technology in the Spotlight

It's hard to get anywhere without technology, which is why Dodge Charger puts a priority on tech features. This sporty sedan makes itself even more likeable with technology that keeps you in the loop while driving.

Never feel like you don't know what's going on, thanks to the seven inch Digital Cluster Display. This driver information screen keeps you up-to-date about what's going on with your car, and if you add the SiriusXM Travel Link feature, you'll know even more....


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Time to Play: Ram 2500

Are you in the market for a heavy-duty pickup truck that can transition from work to play, then the Ram 2500 is the truck you have been searching for. The Ram 2500 is one of the most popular in its class and below are two reasons why:
  • Apple CarPlay Integration- the Dodge Ram 2500 comes with Apple CarPlay so you can easily access your iPhone easily on the convenient Uconnect touchscreen. This will allow you to access Apple Maps to get you anywhere you want to go along with giving you the ability to send and receive calls and messages…
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How the Ram ProMaster Adds Power to the Job

You can count on the Ram ProMaster to make your job easier with amenities such as available power folding heated mirrors and a standard ParkView® Rear Back up Camera. To allow space for your workers to maneuver, the rear doors swing open by 260 degrees, which is almost flat against the exterior walls. When you don't need that much room, detents hold the door open at 90 or 180 degrees.

The Ram ProMaster carries whatever you need to service your customers through a maximum payload of 4,440 lbs. and a towing capacity of 5,100 lbs. This capability…

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The Ram 1500 has a Great Interior

As you are searching for a light duty pickup truck, know that the Ram 1500 is a popular option and something that can work out well for you. This truck is set up with an interior that you will appreciate.

The Ram 1500 gives you the option to be set up with a special UConnect command center. This allows you to stay connected while on the go and it provides assistance when it comes to navigating your vehicle and getting where you would like to go. The Ram 1500 also sets you up with a dashboard glove box that is…
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The Ram 2500: A Durable Pickup Built to Last

When you're hauling a heavy load on the open road, you need a heavy-duty pickup you can count on. The Ram 2500 is one of the most popular heavy-duty pickups in its class, due to its durable construction and rugged performance.

For evidence of the truck's durable construction, look no further than its 50,000-PSI hydroformed steel frame. The front and rear rail contours are hydroformed as well, which enhances the security of the suspension components. The steel frame also has extra crossmembers, which promotes mass efficiency. The Ram 2500 combines its...

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The Dodge Durango Offers Versatile Interior Features

The Dodge Durango is a popular choice among fans of three-row SUVs. With enough space to bring everyone and everything along, and the durability and power that Dodge is known for, this SUV is one to be reckoned with. However, it's not all utility and durability, the Durango also sports versatility. This is most prevalent in its interior features and allows the Durango to function in almost any capacity.

Those features include plush cloth seats, which are stylish and comfortable, as well as an option for Nappa leather-trimmed seats designed to take on the road...
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The Dodge Charger is No Slouch When it Comes to Performance

The new Dodge Charger lives up to its legacy in more than one way. With the power that you've come to expect from the Charger line. It's no surprise that the Charger line has always been a top pick for fans of performance sedans, and this model doesn't disappoint. While its design carries the signature aggressiveness of the Charger line, under the hood it's a lot more sophisticated than one would expect, with numerous precision-engineered performance features.

The Charger's electronic gear shifter provides a smooth, high-performance transfer between gears with...
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Traveling with Food for the Holidays

The joyous holidays are among us. The only thing more exciting than sharing laughs and conversation with family, friends, and coworkers, is sharing in a delicious holiday meal with them.

You spent all year contemplating what perfect dish you can make to be the star at this year's potluck or holiday dinner. Now the only issue is, how will you get your dish to the celebration? Traveling with food can be tricky, trying to keep everyone safe and keep the food from spilling can be a challenge.

The best way to avoid your food item spilling in your vehicle…
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